Certificates of Advanced Studies in Analytical Marketing

In recent years marketing has undergone a rapid transformation towards a more data- and fact-based approach but many marketing executives and managers lack the necessary analytical skills. Today companies track their customers’ preferences, keep data on their likes, check-ins and other shared content on social networking services. This data yields important insights into how consumers interact with companies and each other, allowing businesses to make smarter and more calculated decisions and to better cater to individual consumers. 

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Analytical Marketing is one of the few executive programs that meet companies’ demand for quantitatively trained marketers. Participants will be equipped with solid knowledge about the latest analytical tools and techniques as well as best industry practices to make better marketing decisions and accelerate their careers in the marketing field.

Program Modules:

*Two classes to be selected from the Diploma of Strategic Marketing.

15 ECTS credits | Duration: September to June | Application deadline: June 30th | Fees: 6’900 CHF *Prices are subject to change without prior notice


In order to obtain a qualification, all respective modules must be successfully completed. To complete one module successfully, students must attend each course, hand in all assignments and write all exams. Evaluation criteria are defined independently for each course and follow the University standards. Each module ends with an exam (individual or group work).   Our marketing programs require presence and cannot be completed through distance learning. 

All marketing classes take place at Uni Mail (or other UNIGE campuses)

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