Service Marketing

Detailed course description

Service industries dominate most advanced economies and a growing number of service organizations compete in the global market. Managers working in the service industry – for example, those working in the financial, retailing, hospitality and public sectors – will find the services approach to marketing particularly relevant in planning and implementing marketing strategy. Service organizations differ in key aspects from manufacturing organizations, requiring a distinctive approach to planning and implementing marketing strategy. This course develops an appreciation of how service marketing systems operate, addresses service related issues such as service design, capacity management and customer relationship management. It is intended to increase your capability for innovative development and implementation of marketing strategy in the service environment. Marketing practice in the service sector continues to evolve rapidly and a growing number of service industries now find themselves competing internationally. Service industry managers' report that manufacturing-based models are not always useful and relevant. In this course, the importance of understanding service organizations on their own terms is stressed.

Learning Objectives

The goal of this course is to make you familiar with the methods and frameworks for:

  • Distinctive aspects of services management.
  • Managing service encounters.
  • Targeting customers, managing relationships and building loyalty.
  • Complaint handling and service recovery.
  • Pricing services.
  • Enhancing value by improving quality and productivity.
  • Balancing demand and capacity.
  • Developing strategies for transnational operations.


Prof. Dr. Furrer is Associate Professor of Strategic Management in the Nijmegen Management School at Radboud University Nijmegen where he is also the coordinator of the Master in International Management. His research interests include response strategies in strategic alliances, as well as corporate social responsibility in international contexts. Prof. Dr. Furrer has published many articles in journals such as Journal of International Management, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management and Journal of Business Ethics. His paper “Response Strategies in an International Strategic Alliance Experimental Context: Cross-Countries Differences” was ranked by ScienceDirect among the Top 25 Hottest Articles in the Journal of International Management, October-December 2011. Prof. Dr. Furrer has significant consulting experience with firms such as Gaz de France, Broad Communication, Philips, CREM and ISDuurzaa.



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