Testimonial I

«Attending the program has given me the confidence I need for a change in my career»

CHIARASTELLA SIMONE, Product Planning Analyst, Polo Ralph Lauren, Europe
Testimonial II

«Cosmopolitan atmosphere, knowledgeable students, experienced professors, helpful coordinators, relevant case studies and interesting class discussions make this program a lifetime experience»

MARWA MOUSTAFA, Communication Manager, Egypt

«The program provides a great overview of the most relevant subjects in marketing and demonstrates how to use best-practice analytical tools and consumer insights to lead business strategy.»

Testimonial III

«The richest source of knowledge has come from a combination of my peers,…, as well as the most recent examples provided by the professors.»

MELANIE VANBERGHEM, Marketing Manager, Firmenich
Testimonial IV
Testimonial V

«I now see the world with a different lens, and have been able to apply the Strategic Marketing skills acquired during the program, almost in real time! »

TAHRIER HIJAZI, Journalist, European Broadcasting Union
Testimonial VI

«This program has been very relevant to the work I do every day as a Product Manager. »

LOUIS MAJA, Product Manager, Audemars Piguet

«The students' different cultures, backgrounds and professional experiences make this course even more valuable both professionally and personally.»

SILVIO RAMONDETTI, Marketing & Service Specialist, Medtronic



Testimonial III

«I found that the DAS in Strategic Marketing exceeded my expectations. In a period of career transition, it inspired my passion for the subject so much that I decided to create my own marketing consultancy! »

STEVEN LYNCH, Owner of Steven Lynch Consulting
Testimonial IV
Testimonial V

««Attending the DAS Strategic Marketing was an exciting personal challenge.»

CHIARA LEARDI, Sales Manager, AdBase






Testimonial VI

«I strongly recommend this training to anyone who wishes to evolve into a position that requires a strategic vision of marketing and who needs modern tools when it comes to making decisions. »

MARC MONTANDON-LA-LONGE, Marketing Manager, Groupe E plus SA

I have launched a new entrepreneurial venture after the course and it has contributed to getting job offers from renowned global professional services firms where I can apply many of the concepts and digital tools that support my decision-making on a daily basis and the development of creative marketing and business development strategies.

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