“In my country, Swiss products and services always stand for superior quality. When applying to the Strategic Marketing program at the University of Geneva, I had high expectations which were by far exceeded from the very first modules. Cosmopolitan atmosphere, knowledgeable students with 14 different nationalities, experienced professors, helpful coordinators, relevant case studies and interesting class discussions make this program a lifetime experience. The modules have enabled me to widen my knowledge in the marketing field, enhance my presentation skills and acquire new friends from all over the world. It was a remarkable step in my career path.”

Marwa Moustafa
Communication Manager, REM Confectionery, Egypt

Class of 2012-2013, DAS Strategic Marketing

  “Marketing strategies and tactics as well as the methods to measure them evolve very fast, especially with internet communicating so much information at the same time. It is highly important for me to remain updated on the new tools to maintain a modern thinking approach in my workplace. I have chosen the DAS Strategic Marketing program based on the variety of offered courses. However, since attending the program, the richest source of knowledge has come from a combination of my peers, their diverse backgrounds and business orientations, as well as the most recent examples provided by the professors. After some modules, I already feel comfortable to implement the concepts that I have learned into my work.”                                                                    

Melanie Vanberghem
Marketing Manager, Firmenich

Class of 2013-2014, DAS Strategic Marketing

“The DAS Strategic Marketing specialization has been incredibly valuable for my career and personal development. It provides a great overview of the most relevant subjects in marketing and demonstrates how to use best-practice analytical tools and consumer insights to lead business strategy. Finally, experienced colleagues with a great mix of international backgrounds have often the opportunity to share their different point of views, which enriches the acquired knowledge.”

Moari Avancini
Web Consultant, UEFA

Class of 2012-2013, EMBA with specialization in Marketing

  “Through the topics covered, the in-class activities, the interactions with the professors and the networking possibilities, this program is very stimulating. The combination of theoretical lessons with practical case studies, seminars, and workshops allows me to learn quickly. The program presents concepts that I can directly apply into my workplace to assist in decision-making and the development of creative strategies. Attending this program has given me the confidence I need for a change in my career.”

Chiarastella Simone
Production Planning Analyst, Polo Ralph Lauren, Europe

Class of 2012-2013, EMBA with specialization in Marketing

“The DAS in Strategic Marketing provides the essential knowledge to start a career in the marketing field. The contagious enthusiasm of the program director Prof. Paulssen stimulates the audience and brings out the best in each student. The students' different cultures, backgrounds and professional experiences make this course even more valuable both professionally and personally. Once attended this program, you will feel more comfortable to start a career in marketing.”

Silvio Ramondetti
Marketing & Service Specialist, Medtronic

Class of 2015-2016, DAS Strategic Marketing

  “This program has been very relevant to the work I do every day as a Product Manager. In fact, I found myself applying the things very quickly after I had learnt them in class. What really made it interesting were the practical cases; they were very well designed and touched on real and complex business issues. Tackling these issues together with the teachers and my peers from diverse backgrounds (engineers, architects, designers, marketing executives, entrepreneurs) was very enriching. The class made us question the established norms, challenge our preconceptions and explore new ideas that lead to better outcomes. As such, attending Brand Management and Managing & Marketing Innovation sessions was a more complete experience than reading the many books written on these subjects. Each of us had to think outside his/her own box. I am now ready to take my career to the next level!”

Louis Maja
Product Manager, Audemars Piguet

Class of 2015-2016, DAS Strategic Marketing

“When considering taking a postgraduate marketing programme I was looking for an institution that could provide me with cutting edge marketing knowledge, has an international mix of participants from diverse industry sectors and offers a format that I could reconcile with a job in London. Geneva hit the mark for me, with the right mix of intense weekend modules, academic depth (leading experts such as Koen Pauwels or Marcel Paulssen) and the strong reputation of University of Geneva. The CAS Analytical Marketing programme blends the latest in analytical tools and quantitative models as well as best industry practices and has a strong focus on the application of key concepts and analytical techniques through case studies and other, complex "real-life" business situations. The professors are dedicated to conveying the wealth of their knowledge, complemented by industry practitioners from Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and a regional bank who discussed the application of marketing in their firms within the modules. The mix of case studies, group presentations, individual assessments, interaction with professors and discussion rounds with practitioners provide an extremely stimulating learning environment which has substantially increased my ability to analyse marketing situations and develop quickly coherent actionable solutions. I have launched a new entrepreneurial venture after the course and it has contributed to getting job offers from renowned global professional services firms where I can apply many of the concepts and digital tools that support my decision-making on a daily basis and the development of creative marketing and business development strategies.”

Michael Schweidler

Class of 2015-2016, CAS Analytical Marketing

  “Applying for the DAS Strategic Marketing studies meant personally diving into a new field after being a journalist for fifteen years, and making the best of both worlds. I always found Marketing interesting, but I did not expect this interest to turn into a love story.
DAS Strategic Marketing is about the knowledge I have acquired within a short time period. It is about the people I have met during the program- highly competent professors and students. It is about the experience of being a student again, a more mature individual and professional. I now see the world with a different lens, and have been able to apply the Strategic Marketing skills acquired during the program, almost in real time! Throughout the program we dived into ten areas of Strategic Marketing, all of which together have made me and my colleagues in the program skilled to apply strategies integrating mobile, online and offline dimensions of marketing in any industry.
As a consumer, I have a deeper insight about my role and about the marketing efforts of the business world around us. As a professional, I am now equipped with consumer-focused fundamentals of Marketing. This has enhanced my ability to make challenging and strategic choices on behalf of the different stakeholders around me.
This summer I am going to Mexico with my friends whom I met during the program to attend the wedding of one of them, come along!”

Tahrier Hijazi
Journalist (News Producer), The European Broadcasting Union

Class of 2016-2017, DAS Strategic Marketing

“Attending the DAS Strategic Marketing was an exciting personal challenge. The program was intense but extremely interesting and being able to complete the course after a full year working and studying at the same time was highly satisfying. I had the chance to study the theory of what I apply at work on a day-to-day basis and even when the subject was not directly linked to my working activity, the way the content was presented was very interesting and engaging. I do recommend to take this course only if you are ready to seriously commit for one year the rest comes from itself: great professors (and professionals) within a nice and friendly environment!”

Chiara Leardi
Sales Manager, AdBase

Class of 2014-2015, DAS Strategic Marketing

  “In a fast changing economic environment every company needs to innovate and adopt new tactics to stand out from its competitors. The DAS Strategic Marketing allowed me, through the large spectrum of subjects lectured in the modules, to maintain my knowledge up to date. The different subjects are tackled with a practical look and are always accompanied by concrete examples, either resulting from the professional experience of the different interlocutors or case studies. Moreover, this training would not be so rewarding without the different inpurts of the other participants who offer different visions according to their social or professional origin. Finally, I could very quickly apply the concept studied in my professional career and the training gave me some open-mindedness that I had not before. I strongly recommend this training to anyone who wishes to evolve into a position that requires a strategic vision of marketing and who needs modern tools when it comes to making decisions.”

Marc Montandon-La-Longe
Marketing Manager, Groupe E plus SA

Class of 2014-2015,  EMBA with specialization in Marketing

“I found that the DAS in Strategic Marketing exceeded my expectations. It is a highly participative, challenging course and had allowed me to progress in a broad range of marketing topics; taught in an engaging way, always relating the theory back to real life examples. In a period of career transition, it inspired my passion for the subject so much that I decided to create my own marketing consultancy! There is a great mix of international students, the professors are true specialists in their fields and the administrative support is friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend the course to prospective students and look forward to keeping in touch through the Alumni network!”

Steven Lynch
Owner, Steven Lynch Consulting

Class of 2014-2015, DAS Strategic Marketing

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